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Home working, whether enforced by COVID restrictions or a chosen strategy, is hugely beneficial to employees and companies alike.

However, it does throw up a number of challenges and FortressAS Home is designed to help you address those challenges.

The first is to understand who needs help with setting up their home office environment to ensure that it aligns with common standards that we would normally apply in the corporate office. FortressAS can help with a simple and cost effective online home assessment for all employees providing a clear report showing who is well set, who needs some help and who really should be working back in the office.

The second step, if required, is to ensure that all home work environments meet the criteria you want to set. So, when passing out budget to home workers you can ensure that they are buying the correct supportive office chair for example, rather than anything else.

Is this really necessary?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, every company had to make a Digital Transformation almost literally overnight.

Now, our production offices are located in every employee home and we have found that it actually works well for the company, and for most employees.

However, according to the “Homeworker Wellbeing Survey” carried out by the Institute of Employment Studies in April 2020, just two weeks into lockdown, the cracks were already showing.

Various physical health problems were being reported, with nearly 60% of respondents reporting neck pains/aches and leg pains.

Despite this, and while the office remains the principal place of work, the benefits of home working are wide ranging and include:

  • Better work life balance and happier employees
  • Greater productivity due to less interruptions
  • Access to a wider talent pool when recruiting
  • Financial benefits and ROI e.g. total office-cost savings

Nevertheless, if home working conditions remain unaddressed, the impact to our employees physical and mental health risk a building liability and the potential for litigation, aside from non-compliance with regulation.

Overcome these challenges with FortressAS Home

At FortressAS Home our 5-step process is simple:

  • Standards – You set the corporate standards with regard to health and safety, technology and security.
  • Assess – We educate and survey employees against those standards.
  • Report and budget – We report on our findings and explain the gaps, agreeing next steps, budget and process.
  • Fill gaps – We supply and fit required upgrades (e.g. keyboard, mouse, desk, chair etc). Employees may choose to “top up” their requirements.
  • Support and services – We provide ongoing tech support, maintenance, disaster recovery and  office access assessment for meetings and training.

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