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Through the FortressAS Home Assessment, or by other means, you may find that your employees’ home working environments and technology do not meet regulation or your own corporate standards.

This is a risk to you and your employees. According to the “Homeworker Wellbeing Survey”, carried out by the Institute for Employment Studies in April 2020, after just 2 weeks of lockdown the following increased Physical Health problems were reported:

  • 58% of respondents had aches/pains in neck
  • 56% had aches/pains in shoulder
  • 55% had aches/pains in back
  • 55% had headaches/migraines
  • 37% had leg cramps
  • 33% had chest pains
  • 60% had fatigue
  • 60% were not active & vigorous

Based on the evidence that inadequate home- working conditions can cause employees harm, it is clear that the risk of significant liabilities, deteriorating employee morale and bad publicity are building.

The FortressAS Home Improve and Maintain service works with you to reduce this risk, fill the gaps and ensure that all employees have the technology and environment that meets regulations and expected standards.

We then maintain and support the technology, including 24 replacement and access to our offices for team meetings or training.

The end result is that you and your employees can take the benefits of home working while reducing the associated risks.

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