Why FortressAS Sentinel?

Sentinel is a crisis communications platform to accelerate and improve your crisis response. Dynamic, digital tools allow you to send mass notification alerts, share documents, communicate via chat channels and attend instant conference calls.

Developed as a mobile-first solution, Sentinel is accessible anywhere, any time. Administrators have eyes-on access, with all data secured for post-incident review.

Sentinel is hosted on a single-tenant, secure cloud server to protect against cyber-attacks and server loss. The Sentinel crisis console is protected by two-factor authentication adding an extra layer of protection.

Sentinel is used for critical incident management & crisis response extensively in the financial, legal, entertainment and engineering sectors.

Mass Alerting

Send text & voice mass notification alerts to groups or individuals

Document Centre

Share vital crisis management documents with your team

Contacts Directory

GDPR compliant contact directory that syncs with your HR database

Chat Channels

Communicate & collaborate with your team via instant messages

Fully Audited

All comms logged for post-crisis analysis and learning


Set up an instant conference call with your crisis team


Create voice message updates for all your audiences

Action Cards

Checklists to help your team take the right decisions

Build Resilience

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