Work Area Recovery – As relevant as always?

Google spent $1 Billion dollars on just the land to build its new “Googleplex” head office. The company has now spent almost $3 billion on property in Silicon Valley over the last three years.

Why would one of the most technologically advanced companies that provides remote collaboration tools spend so much on office space? Basically, because it believes, as do many other companies, that staff physically working together are more creative and make faster, better decisions.

Google is not alone in thinking this. IBM, Yahoo and Bank of America are other high-profile cases of those reducing their telecommuting or home working.

Protect the Core

So, although we can work from home, at time of disaster the thinking is moving back to the fact that the Crisis Management Team and core business functions need to have a robust, secure and connected Recovery Centre to fall back to.

This fallback is also a focus for the rest of the company and interactions with Customers, Regulators and Suppliers. To be this focus, and an office that you are happy for Customers to visit, it needs to be a pleasant, modern facility – such as the award-winning FortressAS Recovery Centre.

We find that nowadays the need is to support 10% of the company staff, although this number tends to increase for those involved in real-time trading.

The Regulators View

With the Bank of England and FCA focusing heavily Operational Resilience and ensuring that Business Services are always available to Customers, a modern Work Area Recovery is a key element of the fallback provision.

These regulators want firms to prepare for “severe but plausible scenarios” and have fallback provision to cope. The attention is very much on mitigating cyber-attack and again this is an area in which Work Area Recovery comes to the fore.

While your IT team is under pressure to manage the incident and reimage the locked down operational office PCs, staff can continue to deliver the critical Business Services from the Recovery Centre ensuring that the Impact Tolerances are not exceeded. The firm has the added benefit of further technical support at time of disaster to take the workload from the IT team.

Our Recovery Centre and Services are different because:

The Recovery Centre is a nice place to be – happy staff are effective staff.

The latest technology underpins our services – delivering the fastest recovery available.

Our flexible, customer-centred approach – we are easy to work with.

Come and visit us to see what we are doing differently.