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Simple, cost-effective, online DSE Assessment for Home Workers

Embracing Home Working can be highly beneficial to Employers and Employees, however to ensure they are able to provide the best possible support, whilst complying with the law and keeping their company data safe and secure, it is important Employers understand the potential challenges associated with home working.

In addition to the needing to comply with the Duty of Care and Health and Safety regulations, Employers also need to consider the mental and physical health of their home workers.

According to the “Homeworker Wellbeing Survey”, carried out by the Institute for Employment Studies in April 2020, after just 2 weeks of lockdown the following increased Physical Health problems were reported:

  • 58% of respondents had aches/pains in neck
  • 56% had aches/pains in shoulder
  • 55% had aches/pains in back
  • 55% had headaches/migraines
  • 37% had leg cramps
  • 33% had chest pains

Based on the evidence that inadequate home- working conditions can cause employees harm, it is clear that the risk of significant liabilities, deteriorating employee morale and bad publicity are building.

The FortressAS Home Assessment service provides insight into how your company performs against the standards and regulations. It also provides a gap analysis and a roadmap to get you to full compliance.

The key steps in the process are:

  1. Standards – You set out the corporate standards (health and safety, technology and security) that you want all employees to meet.
  2. Assess – We educate and survey employees against those agreed standards.
  3. Report – We report our findings, explain the gaps, agree next steps .

The FortressAS Home Assessment is a cost effective and simple way to discover whether there are gaps in your home working provision, to safeguard your employees and reduce the risk to your company.

Key Features

This software package includes all of the resources that  you need to ensure that your team stays safe while working from home. Some of the key features include:

Video Training

Our simple video training modules are informed through our e-learning expertise, making them engaging and easy to understand. Covering important Health & Safety aspects specific to home working, your team will learn how to correctly set up their workstation for safe working.

Videos can be assigned to your team as tasks, and you can see who has and hasn’t completed the training in your dashboard.

Remote Working Risk Assessments

Our Home Worker Management System provides easy-to-follow risk assessments especially designed for home working situations, allowing all team members to learn about and identify risks in their remote workplace.

By keeping records of risk assessments in one place, the software ensures that the responsible person is fully informed about potential hazards and is able to implement a solution even from a distance.

Management Reports

Those in a management position are able to quickly and easily keep an eye on their team members to ensure safe and efficient remote working practices. Reports include training completion, individual scores for home risk assessments, and alerts for health status changes.

These simple reports offer a wealth of essential information at a glance, reducing admin time and improving prioritisation of the most urgent tasks.

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