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Every global crisis leaves a legacy. Some of the changes will be short term, surviving only as long as the collective memory. Some of the changes will be localised and related to specific traumatic or heroic events. But many changes will be long-term and structural, impacting both how we live our lives and how business is done.

One of those structural changes is looking very likely to be harnessing the value from a remote workforce for growth and competitive advantage.

At Fortress AS we understand not simply the technology of remote working, but also how to build competitive advantage and growth through how people work and interact with each other, how they are managed and led to help you harness the full benefits of your remote workforce.

Successful remote workforces think differently about technology, information and personal interactions to boost productivity, increase retention, strengthen organisational commitment, and improve performance.

Their managers and leaders also think differently – they focus on outputs rather than processes and promote trust and cohesion.

The Benefits of the FotressAS Home Advisory Service

  • Work/life balance, flexibility, productivity, reduced travel
  • No geographical restraints to access talent.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Improved skills retention.
  • Greater team performance and commitment.
  • Greater employee resilience.

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