Webinar: Cutting Costs While Optimising and Securing Remote Workers

Tough times are ahead, and we need to prepare our organisations now for this future to ensure our competitive advantage.

As a result, COOs and their teams are working to cut costs, improve resilience and secure and optimise remote working.

In this webinar, Yishay Yovel, CMO of unicorn CATO Networks, explains how one project delivers to all of these ends: – modernising network infrastructure, using Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), to provide a simply managed, resilient and highly secure network optimising performance to remote workers.

Legacy VPN solutions are only designed to enable access for a subset of users over short periods of time. They are not designed for 24×7 access to all users that may be needed in such business continuity scenarios.

Delivering remote access in this way is complex and cumbersome. It requires many devices to deliver the access and apply security and by the limitation of its basic design is inefficient and performance is negatively affected.

SASE (pronounced “Sassy”) is a network topology has the exact characteristics to overcome the limitations of VPN and MPLS, with the ability to serve any number of users, anytime, anywhere in the world, and has security and high-availability built in, offering resilience at a significantly lower cost.

In this webinar Yishay explains how a deep convergence of multiple capabilities, including WAN optimisation, network security, cloud access control, and remote access to the network itself reduces cost, simplifies management and improves security and performance particularly for Remote Workers.