Planning for Pandemics Webcast

Operational Resilience, Preparedness and Response

The World Health Organisation has announced COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. The UK Government has published its action plan and stating that we are in the Delay Phase of their activity.

How ready is your organisation to continue functioning during a pandemic?

Planning an operationally resilient response to a global pandemic is different to resilience planning for most other scenarios. It is vital for organisations to prepare themselves fully against the growing Covid-19 outbreak to avoid any business disruption.

The Planning for Pandemics webcast hosted by FortressAS delivers key information and guidance on planning.

Importantly it also provides and explains the use of a number of useful documents including:

  • Pandemic Strategy Template
  • Pandemic Plan Template
  • Supply Chain Preparedness Template
  • Situation Log Template
  • Incident Log Template

The course agenda includes:


  • Learning from previous Pandemics
  • Current situation on COVID-19 Status
  • Guidance from WHO and UK Department of Health & Social Care


  • Development phases for a pandemic
  • Infectious disease Pandemic modelling
  • Worst case scenario for operational considerations

Discussion and Direction

  • Pandemic preparedness


  • Base line Pandemic planning information
  • Pandemic Strategy for operational pandemic disruptions
  • Pandemic Working Group (PWG) plan

Discussion and Direction

  • Pandemic Response


  • Final thoughts and Close

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The course content has been devised and will be delivered by Steve Yates, Organisational Resilience Consultant, and Chair of the Resilience Association.

As the Head of Business Continuity & Crisis Management for London Olympics 2012, Steve has planned for and been through two pandemic events.

Steve has led the Pandemic Working Group (PWG) for both the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

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