Enterprise Security

Trust and resilience in a world of homeworkers.

The pandemic and the explosion of remote working and need to access cloud resources has resulted in a proliferation of devices and entities being connected to our networks.

These growing ecosystems must balance security and openness to allow our businesses to thrive with the minimum of risk.

Gartner recommends focusing on real threats and security fundamentals in 2021, ie securing the core network, the endpoints and identity. We can help.

Zero trust has become one of the hottest buzzwords in network security. However, with all the hype, it can become difficult to separate the marketing fluff from the real value. Fortunately, unlike many buzzwords, there is plenty of substance around zero trust.

Traditional solutions trusted everything on the internal network by default. Unfortunately, that model doesn’t hold up well for the modern digital business. The reason zero trust has become necessary is enterprise networks have changed drastically over the last decade, and even more so in 2020.

Optimise and Secure The Network

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) which is also referred to as ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) is a software-defined approach to secure remote access. SDP is based on strong user authentication, application-level access rights, and continuous risk assessment throughout user sessions. With that description alone, it becomes easy to see how SDP makes it possible to implement Zero Trust Architecture.

When SDP is part of a larger SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) platform, enterprises gain additional security and performance benefits as well. SDP with SASE eliminates the complexity of deploying appliances at each location and the unpredictability that comes from depending on the public Internet as a network backbone. Additionally, with SASE, advanced security features are baked-in to the underlying network infrastructure. In short, SDP as a part of SASE enables Zero Trust Architecture to reach its full potential.

For example, the FortressAS SASE platform, powered by CATO, implements zero trust and delivers:

Holistic Security

URL filtering, anti-malware, IPS, and firewalling are built into the underlying network infrastructure. This means all edges, from sites to mobile to the cloud, receive the same level of protection.

Reduce Costs

SASE eliminates not only the cost of the network security appliances, but reduces network complexity by abstracting away upgrades, patches, and network maintenance.

Hyper Scalability

SASE can do for WAN infrastructure what platforms like AWS, Azure, and Digital Ocean did for application delivery: enable hyper scalability and elasticity.

Simplified Management

One of the main SASE benefits is that, unlike point solutions, cost and complexity do not grow at the same rate as the network. No need to manage SD-WAN, SWG, NGFW, and VPN appliances across multiple locations.

Secure The Endpoint

FortressAS provides solutions or managed services based on BlackBerry Cylance technology to secure the ever expanding number of devices attached to our networks. The basis of our solutions and services, Blackberry Cyber Suite offers unified endpoint security in a single console with advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation.

Endpoint Protection

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities, BlackBerry® Protect provides automated malware prevention, application and script control, memory protection, and device policy enforcement. It predicts and prevents cyber-attacks with unparalleled effectiveness, ease of use and minimal system impact.

Endpoint Detection and Response

BlackBerry® Optics extends the threat prevention delivered by BlackBerry® Protect by using artificial intelligence to prevent security incidents. It provides true AI incident prevention, root cause analysis, smart threat hunting, and automated detection and response capabilities.

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

BlackBerry Protect on mobile prevents, detects advanced malicious threats at the device and application levels. It combines the mobile endpoint management capabilities of BlackBerry® UEM with advanced AI-driven threat protection to get in front of malicious cyberattacks in a Zero Trust environment.

Continuous Authentication

BlackBerry® Persona creates trust based on behavior analytics, app usage, and network and process invocation patterns. It uses adaptive risk scoring to provide continuous authentication.

Secure Identity

FortressAS provides identity solutions or managed services to enable our customers manage and secure the identity of users and devices on their networks. The basis of our solutions and services, these technologies provide the foundation to take control of homeworkers and the dissolving perimeter.

Seamless Access

Provide access to all applications within a single, user-friendly portal, regardless of device and location.

Simple Deployment

Support business innovation by quickly and securely deploying best in class technology to distributed users, leveraging Okta’s 6,500+ pre-built integrations with cloud and on-premises system

Secure Access for All

Unify access across your cloud and on-prem apps for all users, ensuring the right users have access to only the resources they need, and at the right time.

Security Where Needed

Protect against credential-focused attacks like phishing with adaptive, context-based multi-factor authentication. Enable a secure passwordless experience for your end users.

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