Friend of Fortress Dinners

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The Friends of Fortress Dinners provide a chance to hear from Subject Matter Experts on key topics of the day and discuss with Peers how they are addressing the issue, in a number of the best restaurants in London.

The next series of dinners aims to expand on some of the guidance from the FCA on reducing Cybersecurity Risk. The guidance was presented by Robin Jones, Head of Technology, Resilience & Cyber at the FCA, delivered to the PIMFA Financial Crime Conference last year.

Key Facts

  • “In 2017 we (FCA) had 69 material attacks reported to us, an increase on the 38 last year and 24 the year before.”
  • “In the past 12 months, the National Cyber Security Centre recorded over 1100 reported attacks, with 590 regarded as significant. 30 of these required action by government bodies, a number of which included the Financial Sector.”
  • “One report put the time of total failure of one of the largest victims of the NotPetya attack, with almost 10,000 connected systems, at just 19 minutes.”

What does the FCA recommend?

IT Processes/Strategy

  • Constantly assess vulnerabilities – prioritise through relevance
  • People can be the weakest link – Identity and Insider Threat Management
  • Detect Attacks and Respond quickly, – Endpoint Detection and Response

Business Processes/Strategy

  • Strong governance and leadership
  • Understand what is critical
  • Have contingency plan
  • Have fallback provision – IT and Personnel
  • Have a clear Communications Plan and capability

The Dinner Discussion Series

There are no upcoming events at this time.