Assuming a Strong Recovery Position:

How Work Area Recovery Can Help if the Worst Happens

Earlier this year the protests by climate change protesters Extinction Rebellion turned their attention to banks and financial institutions, and their staged demonstrations throughout London in the last few weeks have also seen them step up their presence and aim to disrupt the city with messages of their cause. With the protesters trying to occupy the buildings of certain financial institutions, now is a good time to look at your business continuity plans.

The Recovery Position and Your Business

Risk professionals have spent the last year so focused on Brexit and its impact on their organisations that ensuring effective Business Continuity plans are in place has often been pushed down the priority ladder.

Brexit may well add additional strain to businesses, and it is this additional strain that could be the final straw to those affected by a crisis (a cyber-attack, Extinction Rebellion protest, comms outage, fire/flood) and do not have effective Business Continuity plans.

Work Area Recovery is still a key component of Operational Risk Management.

The requirement from business has changed however. Now, companies tend to want fewer recovery positions, but in a modern office that reflects the quality of their day to day office, so staff can continue in work as unaffected as possible. The FortressAS award winning facility provides this environment with the certainty of infrastructure and security that you need at time of crisis.

Final Thoughts

Many staff can work from home these days, but it will always provide businesses with a better chance of survival if their Crisis Management Team and core business functions work physically together through a potentially disastrous event. That is why we continue to have day to day offices in the first place, of course.

The type of work area recovery needed by modern businesses has changed and FortressAS has developed an innovative version of the old solution to meet these current and future needs.

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