Winner - Specialist Service Provider of the Year 2019

London — 6th June 2019 – Fortress Availability Services wins the ‘Specialist Company of the Year 2019’ Award in the 21stAnnual Business Continuity Awards for its modern and innovative Work Area Recovery Services.

FortressAS first established its presence in London in 2017 with the opening of its first recovery centre, in Crossharbour, serving the City of London.

Two and a half years on and FortressAS has expanded its services to cover both Cyber and Operational Risk and Resilience services and solutions.

The award winning Workplace Recovery offering for both shared and dedicated requirements, is supported by a suite of Business Continuity products/services including Fortress Sentinel Crisis Communications solution, Business Continuity Planning and Consultancy.

An example of this is the FortressAS 8-minute PC Image Recovery Service. This extremely fast recovery capability has allowed a number of Asset Managers to give up their dedicated fallback trading facilities in favour of the FortressAS Shared Work Area Recovery Service.

Many companies are moving to Fortress and finding the experience refreshing. “Your flexibility makes such a change from dealing with (competitor)!!!” a major Asset Manager recently commented.

Another global Asset Manager was very pleased at the speed of our response and our technical know how which helped them recover trading overnight after a communications failure at their home site caused them to invoke at midnight. This enabled them to trade as normal from 7am, later that morning.

Andrew Lawton, Founder and CEO, says,”It is great that the FortressAS team’s efforts are being recognised by both CIR and the BCI. We are not done improving our services with new approaches and technology yet!”

Fortress SafeGuard – a cyberdefence service

FortressAS is now investing heavily in continued innovation in its Cybersecurity Services, with a particular focus on Fortress SafeGuard – Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service.

With a 99% catch rate, the Fortress SafeGuard provides customers with a solution that identifies threats and analyses them before they appear in the wild – on average 25 months in advance.

Delivered as a service it enables companies to benefit from the very latest AI cybersecurity technology without the need to invest in infrastructure and training and retaining additional staff.

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