Reskube – “Resilience For Critical Homeworkers” Gets Shortlisted For CIR Business Continuity Awards

“What great news!” says CEO Andrew Lawton,”It is great that the team’s hard work, experience and continuous innovation are being recognised”.

First introduced as a response to the changed world of work resulting from the 2020 global COVID-19 pandemic, ResKube provides a simple, cost effective, single device to provide high value or critical homeworkers with enterprise grade power and secure communications resilience.

The innovative range of products and services significantly reduces the risk of power or communications interruptions or cybersecurity breaches causing financial, operational or brand impact to the delivery of business services carried out by remote workers.

Interruptions to power and broadband occur much more frequently in the UK and Europe than many believe and the impact to key workers, their customers and the enterprise can be damaging and long-lasting.

This is especially in the case when homeworkers either undertake time-critical work such as trading, live broadcasting, providing essential customer services or deal with sensitive and confidential data, as staff are more vulnerable to attacks from hackers penetrating their often-insecure home networks.

ResKube has received an overwhelmingly positive response from Customers and the industry that it is designed to help – ensuring key workers stay always on.

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