The Future of Business Continuity

London — 3rd September 2020 – Fortress Availability Services and the BCI are publishing the report of their global survey – The Future of Business Continuity.

FortressAS and the BCI are publishing their Global Survey report on the 8th September with an accompanying webinar explaining the results on the same day.

The global report outlining the many lessons learned in the very unusual early months of 2020 is, arguably, one of the most important reviews of Business Continuity and Organisational Resilience in many years. FortressAS is pleased to be partnering with the BCI to deliver this valuable information.

A further webinar as part of BCI Education Month, with representatives from JPMC and Morgan Stanley, along with the FortressAS CEO, that delves specifically into the results relating to the changes in workplace resilience in the light of changes in working practices will be held on the 10th September.

The report shows how Business Continuity, Crisis Management and the wider subject of Organisational Resilience are intertwined but different. It looks at the way in which we view these disciplines, how we should review our processes and the way in which we organise our businesses to make their output as effective as possible.

2020 has been a surprising year and not all were fully prepared for the pandemic and the changes in our way of working that resulted. However, we have seen that organisations with flexible, adaptable plans fared better than others, clearly demonstrating the competitive advantage of continuity planning.

The survey contributors felt that we only had a short time, six months, to make improvements in the way we plan before the focus of our Boards move on to other things.

A key decision is the appropriate reporting line for BC and Organisational Resilience and how to ensure relevant representation at board level. Many hoped for a Chief Resilience Officer. Time will tell how achievable this is.

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