Is Your Crisis Communications Plan Fit For Purpose?  

Coronavirus and storm’s Ciara and Dennis are evidence that disasters can occur at any time causing material disruption or worst still cease business operations altogether.  Given the impact these very high-profile instances, now is a good time to revisit your crisis process and communications plan to ensure it’s still fit for purpose and able to minimise business disruption.

When a disaster occurs ensuring that your employees are safe and accounted for is the priority. To ensure their safety and the effective recovery of your organisation, the expectations and actions of each employee must be communicated and coordinated. Without this, even a small crisis can quickly and easily spiral out of control leading to significant operational, financial and brand damage to your business.

Coordinating your team in this way requires a simple but effective process and communication system. This system must cope with the common scenario that all data and mobile networks are down. To achieve this, instructions must be pre-prepared in the form of plans and Action Cards that are already pushed to all employee devices and available to be surfaced immediately in the event of a disaster.

Fortress Sentinel is such a system and provides an on-device app and backend infrastructure that’s configured specifically for you, so you know precisely where your employee data is being held and that it’s being held in a manner that adheres to GDPR obligations and any other governance and/or compliance requirements.

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