FortressAS Launches Brand New Home Resilience Service

London, 22 June 2020: FortressAS has launched a brand new, tax efficient, home resilience service that enables employees to work from home safely and securely.

The FortressAS Home Service provides a single end-to-end solution delivering the assessment, improvement/supply and reporting needs that enable Compliance, HR, facilities and IT to support home workers, thereby reducing risk to staff and to their companies. It aims to help organisations:

  • agree corporate standards for health and safety, technology and security.
  • educate and survey employees against the agreed standards.
  • report on assessment, explain gaps, agree next steps with budget and process.
  • supply and fit regulated home-office upgrades e.g. keyboards, mice, desks, chairs etc.
  • ongoing tech support, maintenance, disaster recovery, and office access for meetings/training.
  • ensure they meet all regulatory compliance when it comes to your employee’s working from home.

To provide a safe and effective home working environment it is important to first identify any problems that need fixing and then to put in place viable and compliant options to overcome them. The new Home Service from FortressAS helps organisations build standards, assess every staff member against those standards, fix gaps and maintain and support their home working set up.

Andrew Lawton, Managing Director of FortressAS, said: “Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as for any other workers. Our new offering aims to help organisations ensure they remain compliant by providing a full end-to-end service that delivers on a single SLA that a COO can refer to and report against.”

Click here for more information about the FortressAS home service