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Fortress is passionate about understanding Customers’ needs and delivering the best and most relevant services possible.

This time, we looked at Crisis Communication and how to improve what is already available.

We are very proud to say, the output is Fortress Sentinel.

Sentinel is an intuitive Mass Communications Solution with all of the functionality that you would expect but with a number of significant additions, which include:

  • Documents – Recovery Plans, maps and tasklists pushed to staff devices for use even when networks are down.
  • Action Cards – on device to provide clear instruction even when you cannot speak to them.
  • Quick Conference – dial your team into calls, do not ask them to remember dial in numbers at stressful times.
  • Bespoke App – the app is built for and branded for your company
  • Bespoke Infrastructure – the infrastructure providing the service is built for you in UK datacentres and not multi-tenanted so your Data Controller knows specifically where your data is.

So, if you want to give your staff and your company the best possible help, even at times when communication is difficult, and while keeping full control of your data, contact us to see a demo.

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