Duty of Care in a Crisis


Our event on the 4th October looked at the new ISO 22330, which has taken a huge step forward in Crisis and Incident Management, and Business Continuity Planning, giving guidance on managing people before, during and after a disaster.

The new standard does raise some complex issues however, and so in this event we looked at:

– The psychology of a crisis

– How to get the best out of your team when they are under pressure

– How to plan for an event with people in mind

– How to communicate effectively with your staff and the wider world.

We were lucky to have Dennis Flynn (OBE), Richard Stephenson, Jon Mitchell and the BCI’s Gianluca Riglietti to help us uncloud these complex issues.

You can find their presentations below. You can either click through them here or download them for later. If you would like to discuss any of the topics presented on during the event, please do not hesitate to contact Fortress (details bel0w).

Andrew Lawton, CEO of Fortress, introduction and closing.

Gianluca Riglietti of the BCI presenting on “From theory to practice: The value of exercising, training and awareness in building resilience.”

Jon mitchell from Clearview Continuity presenting on “Maximising employee engagement in resilience”

Dennis Flynn (OBE) presenting on “Creating exceptional crisis team performance”

Richard Stephenson of Yudu presenting on “How communications technology can deliver the duty of care in a crisis.” (simplified graphics)

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