Predict Future Cyber Attacks

We are really pleased to have former Orbitz CISO & co-founder of Kenna Security, Ed Bellis presenting how machine learning, predictive modelling, and big data techniques are being used to provide powerful, actionable forecasts for customers based on their own assets and vulnerabilities.

The latest exploit prediction capabilities are taking cyber threat forecasting to a new level of accuracy and giving IT security teams a head start on seeing likely attacks before they happen.

He will cover how to:

  • Immediately evaluate new vulnerabilities to predict whether cyber attackers will weaponise them.

  • Calculate and assign risk scores for prioritisation against all risks in the   context of your own environment.

  • Prioritise high-risk vulnerabilities so you can allocate remediation resources efficiently.

  • Extend proactive risk management to predictive risk management.

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  • What we mean by AI
  • Why context is important
  • A view into predictive of cyber risk management
  • Q&A
  • Drinks and networking